The Wood Man, by Dave Stine

When Adam Garfinkle, the editor of The American Interest magazine in Washington, D.C., asked Dave Stine to write an essay about his craft and what it’s like to be a traditional American woodworker in the modern economy, Dave’s first response was, “No way. I’m too busy.” He is, after all, running his own small company, with absolutely no free time. Every minute of every day is devoted to his craft and his business, a situation I know will resonate with the rest of you woodworkers and small business owners out there.

But the more Dave thought about it, the more he realized he had a lot to say on the subject of American craft, integrity, and authenticity vis-a-vis our modern economy, an economy that makes some room for work like ours, but not a lot.

I suspect people may disagree with much of what Dave Stine has to say, but as far as Dave is concerned, it had to be said. You can read the piece in its entirety by clicking the link below:

The Wood Man