Sycamore Wall-Mounted Dining Table

The Incredibly Cool Sycamore Wall-Mounted Dining Table

Charlie TableI get to make a lot of really cool furniture, and I have to say that this is one of the coolest tables I have ever built. It was crafted for my good friend Charlie Smith, creative director at Javelin and co-founder and executive producer at No Coast Originals. (Charlie is the genius behind our new branding here at Stine Woodworking.) Charlie designed the table and base (which his dad fabricated) for his very cool mid-century house in Chesterfield, and it looks amazing:

The table is crafted from two massive live-edge sister boards of sustainably harvested Sycamore. Single boards, opened to mirror each other, wall mounted, with that beautifully crafted metal base. Fantastic. And I got to work with Charlie’s designer, the incomparable Annie Brahler. A great project all round. Thanks Charlie!