And in Matte Finish News…

I’ve been working on a very flat/matte finish for my wood tables for years, and I have finally perfected it. The finish is super flat, super durable even in commercial environments, easy to repair if heavily scratched, and looks and feels great to the touch. It won’t stain, ring, chip, crack, blush, or fade. My private clients love it, my commercial clients love it, and designers love it.

Best of all, it doesn’t obscure the character of the wood, which is central to my work. The wood I use is sustainably harvested from our farm here in Illinois—oak, cherry, walnut, sycamore, elm. In my work, I let the wood speak for itself, and my matte finish is the perfect way to both protect and showcase the spectacular wood:

Walnut slab dining table with slab legs by David Stine

Walnut slab dining table with slab legs