Made in America

Simply American is a great blog that showcases American companies and craftspeople who produce products right here at home.  John Briggs, the blog’s author, just featured the story of Dave Stine and David Stine Woodworking on Simply American, and we are very grateful and proud to be included in that extended American family of committed makers and manufacturers.

John’s purpose is to raise awareness of American-made goods and makers, with the hopes of increasing the American manufacturing base. Simply American features work made in America, from furniture to jeans, shoes, cars, bikes, and more.

He doesn’t knock foreign production. Rather, he simply showcases great products made right here in America, with the hope that people will use the power of the purse to make economic choices that help keep more Americans working and production lines humming. In his own words:

“The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to great American firms whose American workers are making great products we need and use everyday…. Together, we can put people in this country back to work.  And all we have to do is make our default choice when shopping American made goods.”

The craftspeople and firms he features all have integrity, grit, and a commitment to excellence, and they all produce terrific products made in America, companies like Chemex Coffee Makers, New Balance, Worksman Cycles,  Karen Kane Apparel, Peak Flashlights, and many, many more.

We are proud to be part of this extended American family. Thanks John!