Why We Love Custom Restaurant Tables

We craft a lot of custom restaurant tables here at David Stine Woodworking, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Dave and I have a huge soft spot for restaurants and restaurateurs. As those who follow our Facebook and Instagram feeds know, we LOVE good food and we love eating out.

We both grew up in families for whom food wasn’t just sustenance, it was serious business. As a child I was routinely pulled out of school to pick grape leaves, after which the entire extended Abbajay clan would spend two days rolling enough for the winter. I was taught to make jaban (Syrian cheese), laban (Syrian yogurt), and hummus well before I was taught to drive. Dave was raised on a farm where he learned to do everything, from planting and harvesting a garden, to making cheesecake and butchering steers.

Those traditions live on, as Dave and I still do much it of ourselves, from butchering chickens and pigs (well, that’s all Dave), to making sausage, sauerkraut, jams, jellies, cheeses, breads, pastries, etc. All by hand, all from scratch. We love good food, and we especially love restaurants and purveyors who honor tradition while moving things forward.

That’s why we are so thrilled to have worked with some of the country’s best restaurateurs, right here in St. Louis, crafting custom restaurant tables. Our biggest collaboration has been with James Beard Award-winning chef Gerard Craft. Dave built the tables for his five-star haute cuisine temple, Niche, and his amazing new fast-casual Italian restaurant Porano Pasta. And just last week he installed a fabulous new low dining table in Gerard’s incredible restaurant, Taste:

Niche executive chef Nate Blue and Taste executive chef Heather Stone.

Another chef and restaurateur (and butcher!) we’ve been privileged to work with is the extraordinary Marc Del Pietro. We crafted a gorgeous tall bar table for the Central West End outpost of his famed St. Louis restaurants, The Block:

We also crafted gorgeous walnut tables for the wonderful Clayton restaurant, Whitebox Eatery, owned by the terrific Brendan Marsden of Modesto.

It’s such a pleasure to work these chefs and restaurant owners, and we look forward to crafting custom restaurant tables for many more!