My Live Edge Bathroom Vanity Included in Award-Winning St. Louis Project

A live edge bathroom vanity I crafted was part of the design in an award-winning bath renovation here in St. Louis.

I am very happy for designer Dana Romeis of Castle Design and Jeff Hochman of Chouteau Building Group, who together won St. Louis Magazine’s 2014 Architectural and Design Award for the best bathroom project under 150 square feet. The bathroom’s design is gorgeous and the execution by CBG was flawless:

I am especially pleased that they commissioned me to craft a live-edge custom cherry vanity. I have to say, the vanity looks fantastic in that space. A little live edge really adds a terrific counterpart to the modern fixtures and look of the room. It’s perfect.

Congrats Dana and Jeff, and all the winners! Here’s a link to a slideshow of all the winners: St. Louis Magazine At Home 2014 ADA.