Honey Locust Live Edge Slab

A gorgeous honey locust live-edge slab is the slab of the week. It’s 8.8′ long, 20-26″ wide, and 2.5″ thick:

Raw honey locust live-edge slab.


Not many woodworkers work with honey locust, but I love it. It’s local, it’s plentiful, and it makes gorgeous furniture. When finished, it’s a beautiful, rich, buttery orange, like this:

Honey locust log coffee table and plant stand.


This slab could be used in any of my designs. I think it would make a great desk, headboard, console, slim dining table, bench, or U-coffee table. Here are some ideas:

The slab would make a nice set of benches!


The board would make a beautiful table top.


How about a honey locust headboard?


How about a super cool honey locust console?


The board would make a perfect U-coffee table.