You Can’t Keep Dave Stine Down

You can’t keep Dave Stine down, that’s for sure. Last Friday night, Dave and I were at the farm when a huge storm blew in from the north. The wind ripped the new extension off the back of the wood shed and took the roof and the second story with it. That debris, in turn, flew over the shop, gouging three tears in the roof, causing water to gush in. The debris landed in the yard and in our corn field.

She blew in from the north.

Dave and I scrambled out to the shop to move just-finished furniture out of the way of the water that poured in from the tears in the roof. We then used debris from the tin roof of the wood shed (ironic, no?) to patch the torn roof of the shop. We stood on the roof of the shop, watching the storm move south and surveying the damage to the wood shed and the yard.

Dave Stine repairs the shop roof.

The view of the wood shed from the shop roof.

Another view.

It was a crazy night, and though we lost the roof, the second story, and the back of the wood shed and have damage to the shop’s roof, we actually feel fortunate that it wasn’t worse. We could have lost inventory. We could have lost whole buildings. We could have been injured. But we weren’t. And we got to spend Mother’s Day weekend together as a family, tarping slabs, making repairs, and cleaning up debris. (It was more fun than it sounds.)

Debris was everywhere.

Willa’s swingset took a direct hit.

And Dave was at work on a new roof immediately:

With help from Uncle Lou and Eli, a new roof went up immediately. We’ll worry about a new second floor later.

You can’t keep Dave Stine down.