Black Oak Dining Table

Dave has been super busy in the shop lately crafting an oak dining table, matching bench, and a gorgeous black walnut coffee table.

Black Oak Slab Dining Table & Matching Oak Bench

I love this table. The top is a single, sustainably harvested slab of Illinois Black Oak with spectacular graining and a very fork at the end. The top is 50″ wide and 8′ long. The slab base and matching bench are made with boards from the same tree.

 The Little Amagansett Coffee Table

The second item is a live-edge black walnut coffee table we are calling the Little Amagansett, after its larger namesake, the Amagansett Coffee Table. This coffee table features a live-edge, single slab top of sustainably harvested black walnut, with a black walnut double runner sled base. It’s 32″ wide, 54″ long, and 16″ high, and has a very cool edge to it:


And, as always, everything Dave does is custom. If you see something you like, let us know. Thanks!