From forest to furniture.

The Process

Every piece of furniture David Stine creates is handcrafted from American hardwoods sustainably harvested from David’s family forests. The design of each piece is informed and influenced by the wood in its natural form and the beauty of each species.

Step 1: Raw Logs

After harvesting, the logs are brought to the farm where they will air dry for several weeks.

Step 2: Milling

After air drying, David saws each log.

Step 3: Slab Selection

The logs are sawed into slabs, kiln dried, and then sorted and stacked.

Step 4: Crafting

When a client places an order, the right piece of wood is chosen just for them and their project.

Step 5: Finishing

The design, as always, is driven by the wood itself.

Step 6: Completed Product

The finished product. Handcrafted and custom-made.