• David Stine Furniture

    David Stine’s Media Kit

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  • Curated Americana

    Featuring David Stine Woodworking on pg.70-71

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  • Dwell

    Oct. 2014 issue featuring Stine Woodworking

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  • St. Louis Magazine

    On a 40-acre farm across the river in Dow, IL, former lawyer Dave Stine is…

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  • St. Louis Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue

    Featuring David Stine Woodworking

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  • David Stine Woodworking Home and Garden

    Woodcrafter designs custom furniture from his family’s 500-acre farm

    The best place to harvest trees for furniture woodworking is on your own land…

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  • The Telegraph Spotlight

    Attorney leaves D.C. to follow passion for carpentry…

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  • Home Companion

    Woodworker Dave Stine harvests his own trees for furniture and cabinetry…

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  • The Telegraph

    He looks for inspiration in the size and stature of the felled trees…

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  • Home Style

    For Dave Stine, creating a piece of furniture is more than just carving a piece of wood…

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  • City Center

    Tandy Graham selected two wooden sculptures by Illinois-based woodworker David Stine.

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  • LPDM Fine Art Consulting

    Dave Stine Woodworking takes green, high-end custom furniture to the extreme.

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  • 3rings

    At AD Home Design Show: David Stine’s Lowder Table.

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  • Woodshop News

    David Stine has come full circle. He grew up on the family farm in Dow, Ill…

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  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch

    David Stine has been professionally handcrafting furniture in Dow, since 2002.

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  • St. Louis Manliest Man

    David Stine is St. Louis’ manliest man because of the dichotomy of complexities that define…

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  • Mountain Living

    David Stine David Stine offers a new take on natural with the Pine Cant Bench..

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  • Forbes Life

    David Stine takes pride in spending as much time in the woods as he does in his workshop.

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  • Robb Report David Stine Woodworking

    Robb Report

    If a tree falls in David Stine’s forest, chances are he’ll transform it into a piece of furniture.

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  • David Stine Furniture Fine Woodworking

    Fine Woodworking

    Stine fells and mills all the lumber he uses in his work.

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  • David Stine Furniture Feast Magazine


    Just as Michelangelo’s stone had a statue inside waiting to be discovered, the trees that…

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  • David Stine Furntiture Design Space

    Design Space

    David Stine designs and crafts furniture working only with wood that he harvested and sawn…

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  • David Stine Woodworking Cottages & Bungalows

    Cottages & Bungalows

    Using Mother Nature to guide his hand, Dave Stine crafts pieces that are true to the tree…

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  • David Stine Woodworking

    Belleville News-Democrat

    Dave Stine reports to work by walking from his 1871 farmhouse to his 60 x 60 barn…

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  • David Stine Woodworking At Home St. Louis

    At Home St. Louis

    Combining high design with rough-hewn slabs has earned Mr. Stine some impressive fans…

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  • David Stine Woodworking Arts and Crafts Homes

    Arts & Crafts Homes

    David Stine individually cuts and fits saddle joints of black walnut to create his Wave

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  • Architecture DC

    David Stine featured in Architecture D.C.

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